Astrologer Eric Hughes/Astrology Services/Denver CO


Welcome. My name is a Eric Hughes and I specialize in Intuitive Astrology. All of my life I have been interested in the intersections between art and science. As a teenager, I spent my time reading and learning about our universe. I spent my time discovering new books, reading, and learning. 

Eventually my studies led me to my first book on astrology. The book piqued my curiosity, my imagination set on fire. From that moment I was hooked, spending most of my free time learning everything I could about the sciences behind astrology. 

I find human nature fascinating. My own looks like the heart of a counselor, the mind of a researcher, and the spirit of a mystic. Metaphysics, particularly astrology, has been a guide for me to understand life. It is a tool to provide with the clearest, deepest understanding of yourself, the people around you, and the functions of the world. 


I, like anyone else, struggled to find my vocation. I spent just over 4 years in the Air Force, and although I enjoyed serving my country and seeing the world, my free spirit felt crushed by regiment. After being honorably discharged, I spent a decade exploring career paths. These careers, unsuited to my spirit, left me feeling unfulfilled.

In 2006, I met the woman who would later become my wife. I surprised her on our second date with a reading on the compatibility of our birth charts. This might have been the most important reading of my life. She encouraged me to start my own business. Soon, friends and co-workers began asking for readings, always with positive feedback. Two years later, in 2008, I started my own business.


Since that time, hundreds of clients have passed through my doors. Just like you, they were seeking answers on how to conquer the blocks in their life. I specialize in helping people remove these blocks. 

Whether your block is procrastination, fear, low self-worth, or the need to forgive, they are only hurdles to overcome. The first step is clarity in recognizing these hurdles. With that clarity, we will move forward together in devising strategies based on your personal strengths to take on these blocks.

I inspire each person to understand their unique talents, helping them align their desires to these talents. I am proud to help anyone with their particular problems and life goals. Astrology has helped me understand the confusing nature of this world.


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