Astrologer Eric Hughes/Astrology Services/Denver CO

Astrology is a map. Now, you don’t have to use the map. You can ignore it, set it aside, forge your own path. You will come across some rare and beautiful sights, but you will also end up going down too many dead end streets. The evolution of your soul is reflected in the stars. Human affairs are directly correlated to the planetary cycles, which is all best represented as the ancient quote, “As above, so below. As within, so without."

Ancient cultures have used astrology for millennia for guidance and clarity. From Babylonia to Sumer, to Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, the Islamic world, Europe, India, China, and finally to the Americas, astrology has survived as a guidepost. Even through scientific and religious persecution, cultures around the world look to the sky to understand their world. 

If you choose to not ignore the map, you will begin to find more clarity. This map is a guide to the evolution of your being, a way to show you the higher intention of your soul. Understanding this map is my specialty. Astrology continues to inspire and amaze me, a multi-faceted gem shining brighter every day. In my own experience, astrology has helped me:

  1. Know myself and my life direction.
  2. Discover and develop my talents to overcome times of difficulty.
  3. Make peace with my perceived failings to be able to accept myself.
  4. Empower myself to look for life lessons in challenging moments and reap rewards from facing my fears.
  5. Understand the different energy factors that are at play each day, helping me better utilize my time.
  6. Find deeper compassion to the struggles of other humans around me. 
  7. Better my timing for life events such as weddings, buying a house, making a big purchase, etc. Afterall, astrology is a study of cycles.
  8. Uncover the best geographical location where my energy harmoniously resonates.
  9. Work through my own issues of childhood abuse and disappointment, understanding I am the only creator of my life.
  10. Enable myself to pursue my dreams with confidence and faith. What more could you ask for?