Astrological Weather Report for Nov 11-17, 2018

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Sun trine Pluto (exact on November 11th) – How can stop sabotaging yourself? How can you finally live up to your highest potential? Are you really devoting yourself to making your dream(s) come true? Answering these questions will greatly benefit you if you’re really honest with yourself. This energy favors you if you’re willing to get out of your comfortable zone and finally face your fears.

By doing so, you just may discover ways that you’ve held yourself back in life. Doing some soul searching can provide insights into old limiting beliefs that you’ve clung on to for way too long. Ultimately, the gift of this astrological aspect is to truly empower you to transform yourself and your life.

Mars sextile Uranus (exact on November 15th) – This astrology aspect will undoubtedly make you more restless and easily bored with the same old daily grind of your life. You’ll start to crave more fun, excitement, and even more adventure in your life. This will indeed require you to connect with your inner teenager. How can you be more playful? What sounds exciting to you that you perhaps been putting on the backburner?

This energy also blesses you with the ability to be more creative. Hence, if you have a particularly stubborn problem in your life, this is a good time to do some hardcore brainstorming. Be open to thinking out of the box. Look at things from new angles. Look at things from every angle. Strive to be open-minded. By doing so, you just may be able to come up with a breakthrough idea and/or solution.

Venus goes direct (November 16th) – During the Venus retrograde phase, you were undoubtedly meant to be taking a look at the quality of your relationships (romantic, friendship, business, etc.). Perhaps you discovered ways that you should be less selfish and therefore more giving of your time and energy to these relationships. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve awakened to the fact that you’re not receiving in equal return to what you’re giving. Either way, when Venus goes direct, you should have more clarity as to how to improve your relationships as well as knowing which people are truly in your corner.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces (November 16th – December 09th) – Oh no, it’s the dreaded Mercury retrograde phase! Run! No, not really. I’ve just noticed that this is how a lot of people perceive this particular energy. Sure there are certainly some pain in the butt things to deal with such as needing to be more flexible with your plans and more patient overall, but let’s not forget the real purpose of this period. That purpose is to slow down a bit with the overall busyness of your life. Pisces is a very spiritual sign. Since Mercury is currently traveling in retrograde motion through this sign, it gives us the opportunity to find more inner peace from the breakneck pace of life and therefore get some much needed rest and clarity. Spiritual pursuits such as meditation, journaling, and creative/artistic outlets are especially powerful and rewarding during this Mercury retrograde in Pisces period.