Astrological Weather Report for Nov 18-24, 2018

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Mars in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 19) – This aspect represents an increased exuberance and a deep inner restless of wanting more from life. Beware, however, because this transit can spark an impulsive desire to leap in head first in a new direction in which you’re ill prepared to find true success. Perhaps you actually are meant to take a leap of faith now due to the increase courage bestows upon you. However, be forewarned that you could be over-confident and/or overly optimistic. This can result in you being tempted to rush into battle when you’re actually way out of your league. Therefore, think things through first and do your research before you leap into action. Another by-product of this aspect is that it will increase your energy levels both physically and mentally. Those of you with planets in Gemini and Virgo in your birth chart, you will also feel this energy quite vividly.

Sun enters Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) - This brings a focus upon expanding your horizons, of wanting to taste everything life has to offer and a desire to connect with something bigger than ourselves, we are meant to nurture hope, faith, and our unique vision for a better tomorrow. There’s an increased need to explore via physical travel and/or through the mental realm via new ideas, inspiring dreams, or our spiritual path. This is also a great period to get up and move your body.

Moon goes Void of Course in Taurus (November 22) – This means that the Moon makes no more major aspects to other planets before it leaves the sign it is currently traveling through. It has been said that nothing happens of great importance during this period, and so it is supposedly a good time for filing tax returns, but a bad time for getting nominated for the presidency. This period is about going within yourself, it’s about quiet contemplation; it’s about connecting with the Cosmos in whatever unique way works best for you. The gift of this period is to get a bit of a breather from the hectic pace of life and to tune in to the frequencies of spirit. In other words, it’s a time to get the answers that you’re looking for if you’re willing to turn down the volume of life and really listen closely to your own intuition.

 Neptune goes direct (November 24) – The ways that you deceive yourself are being brought to the forefront of your conscious. If you’re honest with yourself, think about an area of your life where you’re not fulfilled. Perhaps in some way you’re in a state of denial. With this in mind, perhaps you make excuses about why you’re not in a great relationship or why you’re struggling financially or why you have so much debt or why you can’t get into great physical shape or why you can’t beat an addiction of some sort. With this in mind, I greatly encourage you to see past these illusions so that you can take steps to find the fulfillment that you’re so very worthy of having.