Astrological Weather Report for December 16-22, 2018

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Mars sextile Pluto (Dec 17th) – If you’re willing to apply yourself and your talents, this astrological aspect can help you to unleash tremendous willpower, discipline, and creativity towards an important goal. Your energy and your belief in yourself can move mountains. If you need a strong shot of courage, this is it, but you do need to be willing to face your fears and do the heavy lifting that the Mars sextile Pluto aspect demands of you. Working in solitude greatly enhances your ability to focus on the details and get the job done in the best way possible. This energy is excellent for tasks that require you to dig deep for the truth. Therefore, projects that require you to do research, detective work, or finding spiritual truths are perfect for this energy.

Sun trine Uranus (Dec 20th) – This is a potentially exciting period that can usher in a powerful revelation and/or a breakthrough in your life. It does, however, require you to let go of your preconceived notions of how far along you should be in your life and instead be open and flexible enough to consider that just perhaps you’re right where the universe wants you to be. It’s quite probable that you will discover new approaches to old problems unless you stubbornly resist looking at your life through fresh perspectives or if you won’t consider new possibilities. Listen closely for inspiration. Listen closely to your intuition. The answer is here for you if you can silence your mind and tune into your heart.

Venus trine Neptune (Dec 21st) – The need to truly give of your talents to serve others is manifested through this divine energy. Doing so is powerful medicine for you just as much as it is for them. As Jesus Christ stated, “All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them.” Thus compassion and kindness to others is the language of this beautiful astrological aspect. Do your best to connect with others in a more heart centered way. Love and romance can flourish with this lovely energy as can all artistic and creative pursuits.

Sun enters Capricorn (Dec 21st) – Life gets more serious now. It’s time to come up with a practical strategy to accomplish your goals and then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Discipline, effort, and perseverance will serve you greatly and ultimately empower you to make great progress towards accomplishing the success that you’ve dreamed about. Be prepared, however, to put more effort into your work than perhaps you’re normally accustomed to doing. Hard work is required now, but it will totally be worth the effort in the long run. It’s imperative that you stay positive and have faith that things are falling into place for you. Do your best to never listen to fearful thoughts because they can paralyze you in your tracks if you fall under their spell. Courage, determination, and faith are very necessary to combat fear with the Sun in Capricorn energy.

Full Moon in Cancer (Dec 22nd) – Home and family are highlighted with this energy. However, the demands of your career can sometimes pull you away from spending quality time with your loved ones. Therefore, this energy requires that you strive to find as much balance between work and family as you can or else your career responsibilities can rob you of time that you should be spending with your family. This energy indicates a need to nurture and soothe loved ones. This, of course, includes doing this for yourself as well.