Solar Eclipse in Leo 2018

A Solar Eclipse occurs in Leo today which will push personal empowerment issues to the forefront of your consciousness. If you’ve kept yourself on the sidelines of life in some way, this energy will undoubtedly trigger within you a strong desire to get into the game of life more confidently.

This will require you to look at your current limitations  and honestly evaluate how you could serve yourself and your needs in a much better way than you have previously. Therefore, if you’re typically a harsh critic of yourself, that must (and will) change or else you’ll never really grow as an individual. You are now learning to believe and love yourself in a much deeper manner.

With all of the retrograde energy that is currently occurring (6 out of the 10 heavenly bodies are retrograde), don’t let the hardships of your life discourage you. You can be sure that there is a growing self-awareness that will ultimately serve as fertilizer to help you to bloom into the person you’re meant to become.

With this in mind, embrace the issues and problems within yourself and your external world with a courageous and determined mindset. You must realize the essential truth that the sky is the limit to your ultimate success and happiness once you truly learn to stop beating yourself and instead fall in love yourself and your potential.