Astrological Weather Report for January 13-19, 2019

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Mercury conjunct Saturn (Jan 13th) – The planet of the mind (Mercury) aligns with the planet of discipline (Saturn). This energy is most excellent for applying your mind to being productive. You’ll find very little resistance within yourself when it comes to taking care of your responsibilities in life and being as productive as you can. This energy is also fabulous for applying your mind to educational pursuits with teaching and learning as well as for speaking and writing. On the down side of things, however, beware of being a perfectionist with yourself and thus having standards that aren’t reasonable.  

Jupiter square Neptune (Jan 13th) – This can indicate that you aren’t seeing reality clearly. You may be seeing what you want to see and downplaying potential challenges when you really should be taking them more seriously. It’s better to wait to make important decisions until this aspect is over. 

Mercury square Neptune (Jan 14th) – This aspect can indicate that your head is in the clouds and thus it’s challenging for you to focus upon your daily affairs. Try not to push yourself too much with this energy. This energy is best used for meditation, journaling, and artistic/creative pursuits. 

Venus trine Mars (Jan 18th) – This is a positive astrological aspect that indicates that you should be feeling more positive and inspired than usual. It is most excellent for love and romance as well as for connecting with others on a social level. In addition, there can be a strong desire to take action to improve your finances. Hence, if there’s a particular strategy to grow your finances that has intrigued you, this energy is excellent for taking action to research the idea and/or to set it in motion. 

Mercury conjunct Pluto (Jan 18th) – This energy is intense and you find yourself feeling more serious about getting results in your life and/or in solving a troublesome problem in your life. You will be most effective working in solitude with this planetary aspect so that you can eliminate unnecessary distractions. Do your best, however, not to force things to completion before it’s time. Also, try not to let yourself obsess about your problems or else you’ll just be exhausting yourself unnecessarily. 

Sun square Uranus (Jan 18th) – This astrological aspect indicates that you’re feeling restless. There’s a strong desire for freedom from the restrictions in your life. You’ll find it difficult to force yourself to do business as usual today. With this in mind, make sure that you change things up a bit with your daily routine and don’t force yourself to be a perfectionist. Also, make sure that give yourself more freedom to do things that feeds your spirit.