Astrological Weather Report for January 27-February 02, 2019

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Sun conjunct Mercury (January 29th) – This is a powerful astrological aspect that endows you with a sharp mind. Hence, this is a great time to apply your mental powers towards problem solving, planning, and anything that requires an eye for detail and a keen sense of strategy. This astrology aspect is also excellent for learning, teaching, writing, and speaking because it generates a more articulate and perhaps eloquent way of expressing your thoughts.

Saturn sextile Neptune (January 31st) – Sextile aspects are symbolic of opportunities. Therefore, this astrology aspect indicates that effort and discipline (Saturn) will help you to take advantage of the opportunity to manifest your hopes, inspiration, and dreams (Neptune) into the material form. Get very clear about what your objective is and research what steps you must take so that you can map everything out. This can be a year of accomplishment if you’re willing to fully commit yourself towards making a dream come true.

Mars square Pluto (February 01st) – This is a super intense planetary aspect between two astrology heavyweights. In astrology, Mars and Pluto are the rulers of the mysterious zodiac sign of Scorpio and they’re both representative of power and passion as well as of frustration, anger, and obsession.  The square aspect is a challenging energy that can block the proper functioning of these two planets. Therefore, this astrology aspect is a warning to keep your frustration and anger in check. This energy is symbolic of taking a camp fire and turning it into a forest fire. Thus, petty disagreements or minor disagreements can quickly get out of hand and flare up into a full blown blowup. It’s best to avoid confronations while this astrology aspect is occurring. Please take note, however, that this aspect has to connect with your astrology chart in a significant way or else you might just feel moody and withdrawn.

Venus trine Uranus (February 02nd) – This is a lovely astrological aspect for pleasant social gatherings that stimulate very interesting conversations. The mind can be particularly creative and innovative with this energy which makes it very effective for brainstorming purposes. Make sure that you allow yourself to do something fun for yourself because it denotes that you truly will enjoy the experience.