Astrological Weather Report for February 03-09, 2019

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Mercury sextile Jupiter (Feb 03rd) – Optimism reigns supreme as the planet of the mind (Mercury) connects with the planet of abundance and expansion (Jupiter). Hope, faith, and inspiration are much easier to align with during this wonderful planetary aspect. Working with the Law of Attraction via creative visualization techniques can be particularly powerful due to an inner sense of joyful expectation of better things to come. Take advantage of this lovely energy while it lasts.

Venus enters Capricorn (Feb 03rd) – This will endow you with a love and appreciation for the work and service that you provide to the world. With this in mind, this is an excellent period to schedule extra work for yourself in your career because you’re more willing to put in the effort to accomplish what needs to be done. Beware, however, that your career can become the focal point of your life during this period.

Sun sextile Jupiter (Feb 07th) – This lovely planetary aspect is wonderful for getting out and soaking in the joys of life. You’ll feel a desire to try out new experiences and to taste everything life has to offer. Road trip anyone? In someway, you would be wise to honor this energy because doing so can ulitmately lead to experiences that will one day end up being some of your fondest memories.

Mercury sextile Mars (Feb 07th) – This energy can be somewhat of a double edged sword. On one hand, your mind is quicker and thus you can more effectively multitask the affairs of your life. This is a great time to apply yourself towards learning because your mind can more easily comprehend information. On the other hand, you may be over ambitious and try to juggle way too many things at once and end up feeling quite frustrated. If this happens, watch out! This energy will endow you with a sharp tongue so try not to take out your frustrations on others.

Mercury sextile Uranus (Feb 09th) - Your ability to troubleshoot problems is enhanced with this planetary aspect because you’re more willing to think out of the box. Therefore, creative solutions are more likely to appear during this planetary transit if you’re willing to look at the situation from different angles. This energy can also push you to find more fun and excitement in your life.