Astrological Weather Report for February 24-March 02, 2019

Please note that the aspects below are most relevant when they connect with your natal chart in a meaningful way through a planetary aspect with a house cusp and/or your natal planet(s).

Sun sextile Mars (February 27th) – This astrological transit blesses you with courage, increased energy levels and the motivation to get stuff done. Hence, this is a great time to push yourself a bit more to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. This is an ideal time as well for starting a physical fitness routine for yourself.

Venus square Uranus (February 28th) – If your love life has felt a bit stale, this astrological transit can certainly stir up more fun and excitement in your love life. If there’s been a tendency to put off enjoying your life, this is an ideal time to allow yourself to be more spontaneous with your partner. Don’t go crazy, of course, but allow yourself to spend the money to do something both you and your partner would really enjoy. This aspect is meant to stimulate the growth of the friendship energy in the relationship.

Venus enters Aquarius (March 01st – 25th) – The themes of friendship and humanitarianism are highlighted with this transit. Making time to connect with your friends as well as for working for causes that you’re truly passionate about are ideal for this energy. You can have a love for the weird, odd, and eccentric during this transit which could ultimately lead you into a whole new world of ideas and potential pathways for you.