Astrological Weather Report for March 10-16, 2019

Mars sextile Neptune (March 06) – Taking action in the direction of exploring your spiritual path can be quite meaningful with this energy. Meditation and solitude can empower you to tap into your intuitive side more easily. In addition, creative ideas are quite likely with this astrological aspect. If you’re an artist, this is a great day to come up with inspiration for furthering your craft.

Sun sextile Pluto (March 13) – You have an opportunity to find more focus, determination, and courage within yourself with this astrological transit. With this in mind, make sure that you harness this energy to face the challenges in your life in a direct manner. Doing so can yield you some rock solid results during the week ahead.

Sun square Jupiter (March 13) – The need for finding expansive freedom in your life is a priority today. On one hand, this can simply mean that you need to find more space in your daily life to do things your way. On the other hand, this is a good time to seek out and explore new territory in your life whether that is in the realm of ideas or actually taking a road trip to somewhere new and exciting.

Sun conjunct Mercury (March 14) – Your mental powers are top-notch today if this plugs into your chart in a powerful way (if it aspects this aspect at 24 degrees Pisces). If so, you can harness your brain power in the direction of solving problems, making plans, or simply focusing upon being productive. This energy can be a bit obsessive, but it can help you to see things more clearly.

Mercury square Jupiter (March 15) – Since Mercury is currently retrograde, you’ll need to hit the brakes if you’re feeling tempted to finalize a big decision. You really should wait until next week because you might not be seeing things clearly and/or you don’t know all the details that you need to know yet. This is really true during the entire Mercury retrograde period, but especially true during this transit.