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This is a powerful month for you to network so that you can potentially make the connections with those who can make a meaningful impact on your career goals. In addition, your communication skills are top-notch and thus you can charm the proverbial birds out of the trees this month.

Hence, if you need to persuade others or sell others on your ideas, make sure that you make the most out of this fantastic energy. Lastly, if you need to study a subject, your mind will be sharp and you’ll be able to understand the information fairly easily.


Taurus individuals typically put a lot of emphasis upon their financial goals. With this being the case, this is your month due to the Sun traveling through your 2nd house of finances! Since Mars is traveling through your 10th house of career for the next few months, you can rest assured that there will be career and financial growth in store for you.

However, there is one catch; you’ll have to totally devote yourself to your career over the summer to make the most of this excellent energy because you do indeed have a window of opportunity that won’t last forever. On the other hand, don’t try to work 24/7 either.


You should be feeling more confident and inspired to make the most of life’s opportunities this month. With this in mind, this is an excellent time to launch a new plan into action. If you already have a plan in place, you may need to renew your commitment and your spirit to your plan’s ultimate success.

Lastly, this energy is excellent for all physical fitness goals. This may mean that you’re motivated more by vanity than for health reasons, but who cares? At least, you’ve found your motivation!


You’re meant to hit the brakes this month and make time to slow down and catch a breather. This month’s energy has two main purposes for you. First of all, you’re simply meant to get more rest both physically and mentally.

Next, you’re meant to spend more time attending to the needs of your spirit. Hence, solitude is particularly healing and rewarding for you.  Meditation, journaling, and deeply reflecting upon the current state of affairs in your life will ultimately reward you with more inner peace and clarity.


It’s time for you to review your long term strategies to make sure that you’re truly on target to accomplishing your most important goals in life. In addition, it’s absolutely imperative that just thinking about the accomplishment of these goals leaves you feeling a sense of excitement.

If you can get yourself fired up and feeling truly confident that you accomplish anything once you put your mind to it, the sky truly is the limit for you this month Leo! Carpe diem!


It’s your time to shine in your career due to the Sun traveling through your 10th house of career this month. In addition, you have Mars in your 6th house of work making a harmonious trine aspect to the Sun. This indicates that you’re a true powerhouse when it comes to your career.

Just as long as you’re delivering the highest quality of work that you’re capable of doing, you will undoubtedly be incredibly productive and successful. Your dedication will put you in the spotlight and thus you can expect to receive an important opportunity down the road due to this month’s herculean efforts.


It’s time to make sure that you’re doing what you can to find more happiness in your life. If life has started to seem dull or if you’re feeling a sense of dread about your life, that’s one big red flag you really should be paying attention to.

Ultimately it indicates you’ve fallen out of balance with the journey of life. Try to make more time to take in the beauty of life and the joy of simply being alive. After all, you do deserve to be happy. Remember?


True to you roots, you’re happily playing the role of the reflective hermit this month. Life is your canvas to project your own unique vision onto the world. Yet how do you know what’s real and what’s fool’s gold?

Well, you have to unplug from the noise of the world to tap back into the divine source of all that is. Solitude provides rich insights along with the healing of old wounds that are now transcended.


Relationships are the spotlight for you this month. In general, this simply indicates an inner need to connect with people of a like mind. Hence, your social life brings you back to life. If you’re single, you will feel the pull to share more of the real you with a partner.

Luckily, the Sun in your 7th house of relationships is making a harmonious trine aspect to Mars in your 3rd house of communication. This indicates a friend potentially introducing you to someone who has romantic potential. If you’re in a relationship, make sure that your significant other is your top priority this month. Nurturing the roots of your love will be worth its weight in gold.


You’ll have a strong compulsory need to take care of business this month. With this in mind, having a keen sense of strategy as to what you’re putting your energy into is job number one. What are your priorities?

Come up with a plan and then get the job done should be your motto. This is also an excellent month for you to commit to a health and fitness plan because your desire to simply feel better will motivate you to be disciplined about it.


You’re a true force of nature this month! Once you set your mind to something, there’s absolutely no one that will get in your way of the success you’re striving for.

With Mars in your first house of self making a harmonious trine aspect to the Sun in your 5th house of joy, your powerful confidence will push you past any fears that once stood in your way. Love and romance as well as simply making more time to stop and smell the roses are also quite favorable.


There is truly no place like home for you this month. The comforts of home and family are just too much for you to resist. Why try? Your family welcomes you with open arms to take your rest within the heart of the family nest.

Family events, projects, and gatherings are all sources of joy and renewal for you. Make sure you make time to rest more this month and also to nurture yourself more than you normally do.


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