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You’ll need to do your best balancing act this month between your career and your spirituality. You have a strong opportunity to improve your finances, but you’ll need to be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves to you. You’ll also greatly benefit from being open to a career and/or a financial opportunity that is new territory for you. Believe in yourself and go for it. You’ll need to make sure that you get plenty of downtime for yourself as well. Avoiding this will only lead to feeling drained or it will lead you second-guessing yourself. Meditation is essential.


As the planet Uranus goes into your own sign of Taurus, you’ll need to fasten your seatbelt because your life is going through some big changes. With this in mind, it’s important that you’re proactively making the changes that you know in your heart need to be made. Otherwise, the universe will orchestrate changes that might not be in the way that you’ve preferred. This is a great month for launch a plan into action and devote yourself to its ultimate success. Lastly, this is a good for month for networking to make allies with your new endeavor.



You’re in the spotlight this month in your career. With this in mind, just know that consciously delivering the highest quality of work that you’re capable of delivering will, at the very least, bring praise and recognition. At the most, you just may find yourself in the running for a promotion/pay raise. You can rest assured that your hard work will be well worth the effort.

With Mars in your 12th house, you’ll need to make sure that you have consistent alone time to sort through your thoughts and feelings. Meditating, journaling, and studying spiritual and/or metaphysical concepts is inspiring and meaningful for you. Lastly, this is a good month to work through old hurts and wounds of your past and do your best to forgive others as well as yourself.


With Saturn in your 7th house, you may realize that you do more of the giving than the receiving within your relationship. This is a good time to lay your cards on the table and tell your partner how you’re feeling. Nothing can improve if you don’t express your thoughts and feelings, right?

Overall, just make sure that you stay positive this month and do your best with going the extra mile with reframing things into the positive. If possible, this is an excellent time to plan some travel for yourself regardless of whether it’s a real vacation or a simple road trip. Either way, a change of scenery for a bit will do you a world of good for your psychological state.

It’s important that you’re not just half-heartedly working towards your goals this month. With Mars in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, it’s imperative that you really put your heart into your work. Frequently inspire yourself by remembering why the effort will be well worth it in the long run.


You need a lot of time to yourself this month. Part of the reason is simply because you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting enough rest. The other reason is that you need to eliminate distractions so that you can devote yourself to the accomplishment of your important goals. However, you must do your best to not obsess and/or feel that you have to work 24/7.

In your career, it’s serious business for you as you strive to hit new levels of success. You’re feeling more ambitious and determined to face the obstacles that stand in your way of getting to the top of the mountain.


The focus for you this month is placed squarely upon your love life. With this in mind, it is a good idea to find more time to spend with your significant other. Date nights and deep discussions are meaningful ways to grow the love in your relationship.

This is also a great time to travel this month, perhaps with your partner. Hence, a road trip or a real vacation could do wonders for your psychological well-being as well as for your relationship. Deeply studying philosophy, mysticism, religion, or metaphysics can be very absorbing for you and enjoyable for you.


This is an excellent month to schedule extra work for yourself because you’re feeling the drive and the determination to make a sizable dent in your task list. Just make sure that you focus on your most pressing priorities first and don’t push yourself to get everything done at once.

You’ll also need to make sure that you hit the brakes with a tendency to worry or obsess about your concerns or else you may feel that you should be working all of the time. Do your absolute best during the day with your work and then let go and walk in faith. Balancing work and rest is going to be absolutely essential for you in March.


Your love life should be your main priority this month. You’re in need of more love, passion, and romance in this area of your life. With this in mind, make more time for date nights and fun things that both you and your partner enjoy. Doing so will be worth its weight in gold for you because it will not only nurture your relationship, but it will also help you to raise your vibration.

Be forewarned, however, that you have Mars in your 7th house of marriage. The lower path of this can indicate that you want more passion in your relationship so you could subconsciously start a fight with the idea of make war, make love. Do your best not to do that because words spoken in anger on either side can’t be taken back and could ironically sabotage the relationship.


Home is where the heart is for you this month. Even if this isn’t normally true for you, you’ll find yourself enjoying the simple comforts of both your home and family. You may also feel a strong desire to simply be left alone so that you can just do your own thing. In other words, you could be a bit more introverted than usual.

It’s important that you do your best to iron out any emotional upsets that have been troubling you previously. This is great month to get caught up with your task list because you’ll feel motivated to get things done. Just pace yourself.


You’re more social than usual this month. This indicates that you have a strong need to connect with others on a mental, social, or intellectual level. Hence, deep conversations where you lose track of time can be particularly fulfilling for you.

In addition, this is a great month to apply your mind to learning and studying something of importance to you because your mind is much sharper this month due to the Sun traveling through your 3rd house of the mind. Lastly, with Mars traveling through your 5th house, you’ll have a strong desire to have more fun in your life. Why not? This is the universe pushing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Pursuing financial opportunities is a meaningful goal for you this month. Do your best to aggressively go after them as they present themselves to you or else you may find yourself procrastinating due to the influence of Venus entering your zodiac sign of Aquarius. This can indicate a desire to take it easy and enjoy your life more. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but this month you may have a new venture present itself that will have a small window of opportunity, so you really have to be ready to get after it at a moment’s notice.

Be careful with your home life. With Mars in your 4th house of home and family, you could find yourself feeling irritated with your family and thus could find yourself in conflicts that really aren’t necessary. With this in mind, you’ll need to pick and choose your battles wisely.


With the Sun traveling through your own zodiac sign, you’ll need to make sure that you’re taking the time to fill your own cup this month. Do things that nourish you and make you happy. In a sense, the universe is pushing you to put yourself first. After all, what good are you to others if you’re feeling depleted and uninspired?

With Mars traveling through your 3rd house of the mind, your communication skills are top-notch this month. Hence, socializing a bit more with friends and family is a wonderful way to fill your cup. In addition, this is a great month for learning anything that you’re passionate about because your mind will be more receptive to absorbing the information.


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