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The people in your inner circle are the focus for you this month. Do your best to make time to connect with these loved ones because they will indeed enhance the quality of your life by both the insight and inspiration they offer. In particular, spending more time with your significant other can renew your spirit like no one else can.

It’s make it or break it time in your career. Frustrations, obstacles, and delays may enter the picture. However, are they enough to stop the mighty Aries? It might slow you down, but make sure you dig deep and push forward. Hard work and dedication will be worth the effort.


This is an excellent month for you to focus upon getting caught up with your daily affairs. In fact, you actually have a great shot at getting yourself ahead of the game if you can get yourself organized and stay disciplined. Beware, however, that you should do your best to not try to get every single thing accomplished on your list or else you really could burn yourself out this month. In other words, you need to be at peace with walking away from any inner compulsion to be a super achiever. Do your best with the priorities and just let the rest go (for now).


It’s so important this month that you make more time for joy. This is particularly true in your love life. All work and no play can seriously damage your relationship if you’re putting each other on the back burner. With this in mind, schedule fun things on your calendar that you both can look forward to so that you can rekindle the courtship flame.

Be cautious with financial decisions this month. Make sure that you’re seeing things clearly and that you’re not procrastinating upon your financial duties and responsibilities. Don’t be ashamed to get expert financial advice if you need it.


There’s no place like home for you this month, Cancer. While that’s always true for you, this month it is especially important that you make more time for your own inner well-being (and theirs) by making your family a greater priority. Be sure that you schedule more quality time with them when you can.

There could be a potential conflict between yourself and your spouse regarding a family problem. Do your best to make sure that you’re being as fair and unbiased as you can and strive to see things from every angle. Doing so can ultimately lead to a possible breakthrough in regards to this problem.


Knowledge is not only power this month, it’s downright nurturing for you. Your desire to know and understand is at an all time high this month. With this in mind, it just makes sense to figure out what area of your life you’d like to learn much more about and then get after it!

You’ve got a lot on your plate this month that you’re hoping to accomplish. While you will indeed make much progress, do your best to not overdo it or else you just may find yourself exhausted by the end of the month. Just remember that you have to pace yourself.


The world is your oyster this month when it comes to taking advantage of financial opportunities. It may, however, mean that you have to believe in yourself more than you actually do. Just know that confidence and courage can pay off handsomely if you can knock on the door even when you’re afraid of rejection.

You’re truly meant to enjoy your life more this month as well. However, you may have to schedule out fun things in advance or else you’ll probably just blow it off. Do yourself a big favor and do your absolute best to start putting yourself first. Give yourself permission to be happier and to do the things that help you raise your vibration.


You’re meant to put yourself first this month, Libra. That may be tricky business for you because you’re always striving to make sure that everyone else is happy. However, when do you get to be happy? Make sure that you’re doing your best to be your own best friend and therefore filling your own cup.

There could be some family issue that you’re keenly focused upon resolving this month. Like it or not, you can’t escape doing your part to figure out a solution that works for everyone. With your natural talents for seeing things from every angle, it’s imperative that you see what everyone else is missing.


You’re meant to hit the brakes and slow down a bit this month, Scorpio. Time spent in reflective solitude will be worth its weight in gold for you as you gain not only more rest, but also some much needed inner peace and clarity. Refusing to make time for your spiritual path will only lead to confusion and chaos. Just do it for yourself!

You’re entering a period in your life where your mind is like a receptive sponge for knowledge. What is that you want and/or need to learn? Perhaps you want to learn something new or you need to deepen your knowledge about a particular subject. Apply yourself now. Mastery is at hand.


This is a social butterfly month for you, Sagittarius. In particular, make sure that you make time to connect with your old friends and perhaps cultivate a new friendship (or two). Bouncing ideas off of your friends can prove to not only be enlightening but can also provide the seed of an idea that can be a potential breakthrough for you.

With Saturn in your 2nd house, it’s in your best interests to do your absolute best to be a good steward of money. Therefore, don’t let the temptation to make a big financial splurge get the best of you. Also, reign yourself in when it comes to blowing money when you’re out and about with your friends. It’s all too easy to get carried away now.


You’re incredibly focused this month upon making the most of your career opportunities (as you should be). With the Sun moving through your 10th house of career, you’re in the spotlight more than usual. It just makes good sense to deliver the highest quality of work that you capable of in your career because you and your work are highly visible now. Just know that all of your hard work will indeed be worth it.

You now have Saturn direct in your own sign. This is the beginning of the rest of your life Capricorn. You can choose to face your fears now and make something of yourself or you can let fear paralyze you into playing it way too safe. The choice is yours and it’s an obvious choice – invest in yourself and go for the gold!


Freedom to live your life on your own terms is calling to you now. Any and all restrictions will be hard to tolerate. Of course, we all have our responsibilities in life, but just make sure that you’re not overdoing it or else you can feel that you’re chained down to your life. Make time for joy, fun, and adventure. It will be worth its weight in gold for your peace of mind.

With Saturn moving into your 12th house of spirituality, you’re truly meant to figure out what your higher calling in life is, Aquarius. Don’t run from this. Make time for solitude to deeply reflect upon how you can make a big difference in the world just by being yourself. The effort to do so will ultimately prove to be more enjoyable and rewarding than you might initially suspect.


You need a lot of sacred alone time to sort through your thoughts and feelings this month. Part of this is just making sure that you’re getting enough rest (on every level). The other part is to make sure that you’re really in alignment with your intuition. Therefore, slow down a bit and make sure that you sift through all of the conflicts in your mind. You must find inner peace and resolution and alone time is the only way.

What is it that you want for yourself in the future? This month, you’re meant to take a close look at what inspires you and figure out how you’re going to make a coveted dream come true in the future. Take your time with this and create a blueprint that really works for you in the long run.


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