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You can expect to be blessed with an increased dose of hope, faith, and inspiration to enter your consciousness this month. Dare to dream big now and follow your own star. Tap into your Arian courage and start marching towards the life that truly inspires you. Your motto for this month should be “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


Make sure that you get plenty of sacred alone time because you’re in need of doing some soul searching this month. Sort through your thoughts and feelings now and strive to make sense of where you stand currently in your life.

Look for ways to improve and for what needs to be released in your life and/or in your consciousness. Mediation and journaling can lead to some perhaps profound insights for you.


It’s imperative that you slow down from the hectic pace of your life this month and strive to spend more quality time with those in your inner circle. There’s a strong need for you to deeply connect with both friends and your significant other on an intellectual and social level. Doing so can help you to feel blessed due to the people in your life that are always there for you and that truly love and support you.


It’s a joyful endeavor for you to strive to accomplish as much as you can this month. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to write out a task list for each day and perhaps each week.

Be sure that you stick to the script and don’t let yourself get side-tracked by things of lesser importance. You have an excellent opportunity to get caught up with your affairs and maybe even to get ahead of the game. Pace yourself though.


Love, joy, fun, and play are the themes you should be exploring this month. You’re meant to honor your inner child and give yourself permission to do the things that give you joy more consistently.

In your love life, this is an ideal time to do fun things with your significant other that you both enjoy. If you’re single, this is a great time to be more social and to mix and mingle. The bottom line is that you’re lucky in love if you make time for it.


Spending quality time with your family is especially meaningful for you this month. Conversations with family can get particularly spiritual and philosophical which can lead to being blessed with some penetrating insights regarding your perspective about your life.

In addition, simply enjoying your physical home will be much more of a priority for you. You might be purchasing things for your home to make it more ‘homey’ and comfortable.


This is truly a social butterfly month for you! Spending time with both close friends and family is particularly rewarding if you slow down enough to make time with them.

Unfortunately, you may feel compelled to be the tireless workhorse due to a heavy task load. In the end, it will be wiser and most beneficial for you to strive to balance each area out as best you can.


Financial opportunities are here for you this month just as long as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work. This might mean, however, that you might have to initially get out there and shake the bushes for opportunities that are appealing to you.

In addition, you may have an opportunity that seems a bit out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to believe in yourself and take a leap of faith.


It’s time to focus on making yourself happy this month. If you don’t take responsibility for making sure that your wants and needs in life are being met then who will?

Do what you need to do to fill your own cup. In addition, this month presents an excellent opportunity to start a fitness plan that is fun for you.


It’s in your best interests to slow down and take time to reflect upon the past year. You’re in need of more rest, inner peace, and clarity now. Therefore, solitude gives you a chance to go within and find the inner truth(s) that will ultimately empower you to keep moving forward in your life. Neglecting to do so, will end up with your life feeling more chaotic, cluttered, and draining.


You’re meant to ask yourself what the next important step(s) are for you to take to accomplish your most important goals in life. If you’re feeling stuck, this month presents a great opportunity to bounce your questions and concerns off of close friends. Doing so can help you to improve your plans so that you’re ultimately much more effective.


Career opportunities are your blessing this month. At the very least, you’re more likely to get more praise and recognition for your career efforts. At the most, you just may find that you’re in the running for a raise/promotion.

Other possibilities indicate that you just may find a new job that suits you much better than your current one. It may, however, indicate that you have to face the unknown and take a leap of faith.


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