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You’re going to get the opportunity to work upon your patience skills this month due to the challenges of needing to balance career and family. With Saturn retrograde in your 10th house of career, you may feel as if you’re working twice as hard as others and making very little progress. Be prepared to keep your head down and just keep plowing forward. In the long run your efforts will pay off handsomely.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 4th house of home and family. This can indicate that you need to focus on spending more quality time with your family. Do your best to really be there for them when you can.  On the other hand, this also indicates need to slow down a bit and nurture yourself more than you’ve been doing.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. This can potentially go in two very different directions, so choose wisely. Scenario one is that you speak your mind a bit too passionately and rub the people in power the wrong way which could potentially sabotage your career ambitions. The other more pleasant scenario is that you mind your manners and strategically network and get in synch with the people who can ultimately empower you to achieve more success in your career.


This month your communication skills are quite enhanced which indicates that this is a very favorable month for getting your message across to others in a more confident manner. With this in mind, any activities that involve sales, marketing, public speaking, teaching, or being a student yourself will prove to be successful just as long as you believe in yourself and do your best.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse in occurs in your 3rd house which indicates that you may be seriously considering making a deal and/or signing a contract of some sort. Be sure that you don’t let anyone rush your decision before you feel comfortable to move forward. Patiently do your research first regardless of what those around you are telling you.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 10th house of career. This can indicate that you need to focus more closely upon reaching your career goals. That can mean putting in extra hours and conscientiously delivering the highest quality of work that you’re capable of giving. Also, be willing to think out of the box and apply innovation to your career methods. This can ultimately lead to being more productive and more successful in the long run.


If you’re paying attention this month, there will be an opportunity to improve your finances. This can be achieved by being a good steward of your money. Take a closer look at your expenses and do your best to eliminate services that either you’re really not using enough or that you really don’t need. Also, work on your self-confidence this month and be willing to take the steps to make more money. This can be asking for a raise or interviewing for a job that pays you what you’re truly worth.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse in your 2nd house of finances indicates that you may find the financial opportunity that you’ve been coveting. Perhaps you do indeed ask and receive a raise or find a dream job that meets your needs. You may also come up with a business idea that excites you and has great potential. Don’t just dream about it though. Do your research, get a plan together, and then execute your plans!

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 9th house. This indicates that you may feel increasingly bored with your life. You want more from life now. You want more adventure, passion, and excitement. At the very least this can indicate a great time to take a vacation. It can also indicate that you may need to make plans to free yourself up from limiting circumstances that are draining you


This month the focus should be primarily upon yourself. In other words, make sure that you’re doing your best to make yourself happy. It’s important that you’re making sure that your wants and needs are more of a priority for you rather than the opposite. It’s also important to work upon your self-confidence and self-love. Doing so will ultimately empower you to tackle any challenge that stands in your way of being more successful.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 1st house of self which indicates a powerful new beginning of some sort occurring in your life. It could be that an exciting new opportunity just lands in your lap. Most importantly, however, you may indeed realize that you’re just as worthy as the next person and really start giving 100 percent of your efforts towards becoming more successful in your life.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 8th house. This can indicate some sort of drama occurring in the area of joint finances. It may be time to set down with your spouse and come up with a plan and/or budget that works for both of you. It can also indicate that you’re feeling a strong resolve to pay off your debts as soon as you can.


It’s time to hit the brakes and slow down a bit this month. There’s a strong need to rest, reflect, and find more inner peace within yourself. Ignoring these needs will result in feeling more drained, conflicted, and perhaps irritable. With this in mind, focus more so upon connecting with your inner-self and/or with spirit. Meditation, yoga, journaling, and solitude are particularly rewarding now.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 12th house. This indicates that you’ll experience a strong pull to balance out your work life with some much need rest and relaxation. It’s a great time to deeply reflect and meditate upon the current state of affairs in your life. Doing so can potentially reward you with some penetrating insights about yourself and the current state of affairs in your life.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 7th house of marriage. This indicates that you need to work to balance your needs with those of your partner. Your relationship may be tested in some manner.  Take the higher path and know that compromise and negotiations are the best strategy to resolve issues.


This month the focus is upon making sure that you’re truly making progress towards accomplishing your dream(s) in life. This may indicate a need for you to revise your strategy in some manner so that you can be more productive. You might want to create deadlines so that you’re really pushing yourself to successfully meet them.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 11th house. This indicates that you would be wise to get out there and network. You just may meet someone with the knowledge, power, and influence to help you to make that next important step forward in reaching an important goal.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 6th house of work. On one hand, this ushers in a period where you can get a lot accomplished. However, on the other hand, it can indicate that you may tend to get carried away and try to do too much in an unrealistic time frame. Pace yourself.


The focus is firmly upon making progress in your career. This energy indicates a strong desire to shine in this area of your life. Like it or not, this does mean that your actions are more visible to your superiors and that you’re being watched more closely. With this in mind, it just makes sense to deliver your absolute best efforts because it can indeed indicate that your hard work will lead to a career opportunity of some sort.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 10th house which indicates an increased desire to become more self-disciplined and goal oriented. Therefore, be sure that you clearly know what your most important goals are and come up with a plan that you’re willing to commit to and then get after it.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 5th house which indicates a desire to experience more fun and excitement in your life. This just may be an ideal time to schedule something fun on your calendar that you can look forward to experiencing. This may highlight a joyful period in your love life as well.


There’s a need to balance your responsibilities in life with simply allowing yourself to let go and enjoy life more deeply. If possible, this month presents a great time for you to travel and/or to take a vacation. New places and fresh faces are rejuvenating for your spirit. At the very least, allow yourself to be more flexible and spontaneous. If there’s something that’s fun for you that really beckons you, give in and go enjoy it. Don’t be so rigid.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 9th house. This indicates that you may get the sudden urge to travel or perhaps to plunge into the study of a subject that fascinates you. It can also indicate that you actually enroll in school and/or start taking classes.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 4th house of home and family. This presents a firm reminder to you that you may not be giving your family enough quality attention. There can be conflicts and hurt feelings on the part of your family if you’re always placing them in second place to your career. Find a way to balance things out as best you can.


It’s important that you find more time for yourself this month to sort through your thoughts and feelings. This can indicate a need to eliminate distractions so that you solve certain problems that are holding you back in your life. In addition, simply spending more time in solitude is rejuvenating to your spirit.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 8th house. This can indicate the beginning of a period of personal empowerment for you. It’s time to let go of the people, circumstances, or limiting perspectives that are draining you. It’s also quite favorable for researching how to become more powerful on a financial level.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse in your 3rd house occurs. This can indicate a period where the busyness of your life can feel a bit overwhelming. You can feel pulled in so many different directions that you may just want to escape your life. Learn to be okay with focusing on your most pressing priorities and let things of lesser importance go for now. Also, set firm boundaries on people that can potentially waste your time.


Your love life is definitely in focus this month. Spending time with your significant other and/or with the people you consider to be your true friends will be especially rewarding for you. Do your best to schedule quality time with these people because you have an increased desire to connect with them on a social and/or intellectual level.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 7th house. This can indicate a period where your relationship becomes the primary focus of your life. If there are issues in your relationship, this is when you need to do your best to patiently resolve those issues as best you can once and for all. Compromise and patience with be essential now.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 2nd house of finances. This can indicate that issues of power and control occur in your life especially in regards to joint finances. Now is the time to reach an agreement so that both parties are getting their needs met with financial decisions.


There is a great opportunity for you to be quite productive this month. That was the good news. The bad news is that if you aren’t really busting your butt to get things done, you’ll feel more anxiety and guilt than usual. With this in mind, figure out what your priorities are and really get after it. Doing so will result not only in increased productivity, but also in greater peace of mind for you.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 6th house. This can indicate an increased desire to become healthier. You may become much more interested in improving your fitness levels and/or in eating nourishing foods now. If you commit now to improving your health, it’s much more like to be a new way of life for you.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 1st house. Finding a greater balance between independence and dependence is the theme of your life now. In other words, you must strive to make sure that your wants and needs are being met without stepping on the toes of your partner now.


You’re meant to do your best to enjoy your life more deeply this month. At the very least, this requires you to be an optimist and strive to see the bright side of things. It does exist, even if you’re focused on the negatives in your life. Doing so helps to restore your inner spirit and faith in life itself. Make sure that you do your best to connect with your inner child and do things that are truly fun for you as well.

On July 12th, a solar eclipse occurs in your 5th house. This ushers in a period where you feel more inspired and playful in your life. You may also become more artistic and creative. Even if you don’t feel that you possess artistic talent, exploring this side of your personality can give you more joy than you might initially suspect. Also, appreciating art and beauty is truly uplifting for your spirit this month.

On July 27th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 12th house. Getting some alone time is essential for you now. You need more rest and more time to quietly reflect upon your life now. Spiritual pursuits such as meditation, journaling, and yoga are especially therapeutic and rewarding now.


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