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This is an absolutely stellar month for you when it comes to getting caught up with your affairs in life. In fact, the more organized and disciplined you are, the more likely you are to get yourself ahead of the game. Just try not to take on too much or else you can burn yourself out this month.

When Saturn goes direct on September 06th, you can finally start seeing some progress made in your career. All of the planning and hard work that you’ve been putting into your career will begin to pay off slowly but surely beginning this month. Stay patient and keep on marching forward!


Do your best to stop and smell the roses more this month. You’re in need of more happiness and joy in your life and you do deserve more of that, right? With this in mind, make sure you actually take the time to schedule fun into your life or this great energy could pass you by.

Mars is finally direct as it slowly moves into your 10th house of career this month. The good news is that you’ll transform into a force of nature and take charge like never before. This can mean you can make great strides in your career. The potential bad news is that you can unintentionally step on some toes if you’re not careful. Your mindset is more about getting stuff accomplished and not so much about being diplomatic. This can come back to bite you if you’re not considerate of other feelings in the workplace.


You’ll be much more focused upon home and family this month. If you’ve been absorbed by the demands of your life, this is an ideal period to catch up with family. Like it or not this can indicate that you might be playing the role of amateur psychologist to a family member. Just make sure you’re not giving all of this nurturing energy away because you’re in need of some of that too! With this in mind, make sure that you’re taking the time to take better care of yourself on an emotional level and working through any troubling emotions you may been putting on the back burner.

On September 10th, Mars moves into your 9th house which will feel like the sun coming out after a thunderstorm. Over the past few months, you’ve most likely been going through the dark night of the soul. Now, Mars blesses you with a fierce determination to make the changes that will improve the quality of your life. Go forth and conquer!


Brace yourself because you’re in for quite a busy month. The good news is that you’re a fantastic juggler and you’ll be able to effectively handle what life throws at you. The bad news is that it can be all too easy for you to be tempted to juggle too many things at once.  Focus on your priorities and set boundaries for yourself until those things are completed.

Your mind is razor sharp this month as well. This is an excellent time to work towards coming up with a creative ideas for your goals and/or to troubleshoot stubborn problems. You just might have a breakthrough if you keep at it.

Saturn will go direct on September 06th in your 7th house of relationships. The month starts off with Mars and Pluto in this house as well. When Mars officially leaves this house on September 10th, relationship issues become easier to resolve because any frustration and anger that you've been feeling will slowly dissipate. However, Saturn here demands that both you and your partner are doing your best to contribute to the health of the relationship or else serious issues could potentially get worse. Stay patient with the process of ironing out your differences. It's worth the effort.


You’re meant to pour all of your energy into your career and finances this month. Doing so could yield you some solid financial gains. Do your best to believe in yourself and don’t let yourself procrastinate on your best ideas or else you really could miss out on an excellent period to see your ideas bear fruit.

When Saturn goes direct in your 6th house of work, your career strategies will finally start to get some much needed traction for you. Along with Saturn, you also have Mars and Pluto in this house which indicates that you’re really driving yourself hard to get to the top of the mountain. Make sure that you’re managing your time wisely so that you truly can be as productive as possible. However, don’t feel that you have to be a workaholic with this energy or else you’ll burn yourself out. Slow and steady wins the race.


You’re meant to focus clearly upon taking better care of yourself and making your happiness your biggest priority. In fact, this may require a bit of self-centeredness just as long as you don’t get carried away. If you’ve been trying to be there for others as much as possible, hit the brakes and start filling your own cup first. This is all about self-love and self-care both of which are essential for you to function at your highest capacity.

On September 06th, Saturn goes direct in your 5th house of love and romance. A relationship could become more serious over the next few months. As Mars finally leaves this house on September 10th, you may find it to be essential (and easier) to forgive someone from a previous relationship. Lastly, with Saturn in this house, make sure that you strive to find greater balance between work and play.


Do your best to be more disciplined about making time to rest and reflect more this month. This is an ideal period to make the effort to connect with your inner self and/or spirit in a more disciplined manner. Meditation, prayer, journaling, and spending time in joyful solitude are quite therapeutic for you.

This is also an ideal time to review your current progress towards your goals in life. In doing so, you may be able to revise your current strategy and ultimately improve upon it so that you can make quicker progress. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to tap into your intuition and to listen to what it tells you.

Mars finally moves out of your 4th house of home and family on September 10th. This indicates that any frustrations in your home life should slowly fade away. Do your best, therefore, to make sure that you do your part to resolve any tension in your family life.


This is a great month for networking and connecting with those who can help you to achieve an important goal or dream. With this in mind, it would also be of great benefit to remember why your goal is so important for you. Do your best to rekindle that inner passion in yourself so that your enthusiasm will propel you forward through the challenges that you’re facing.

Saturn finally goes direct on September 06th which indicates that your relationship may get more serious and committed this month. Make sure that you don’t allow your fears of rejection and/or of being hurt (perhaps again) stop you from taking a leap of faith now. The stars are truly in your favor now.


Your career is in the spotlight this month. With this in mind, this is a golden month for you where you will have a powerful opportunity to make progress in your career.

Perhaps this indicates a raise/promotion is in store for you or that this is a great time to find a job that pays you what you’re truly worth. Yet another possibility is that the universe may be pushing you to take a leap of faith and start your own business.

The main theme through all of these possibilities is that you’re meant to swing for the fences now and stop settling for less. You'll never know if you don't try.


Although you typically think of yourself as a hardcore realist, you’re meant to lighten up this month and strive to see the bright side of life. In other words, you must discipline your mind to reframe things in the positive. Doing so will help you to see opportunities that you were once oblivious to seeing.

On September 06th, Saturn finally goes direct after being retrograde for the past 6 months. It’s imperative that you start moving forward with an important plan that you may have been trying to perfect. In all truthfulness, you’ve probably been procrastinating on moving forward. Now you must be courageous and walk in faith that you’re smart enough and resourceful to handle any problem that you’ll face along the way. Have more faith in yourself.


You’re meant to make sure that you find more alone time for yourself this month. Solitude is essential for you so that you can effectively sort through your thoughts and feelings and recenter yourself.  Avoiding this will result in you feeling more irritable, drained, and perahps even second guessing yourself. Therefore, think of this process as being similar to the rebooting of a computer. You're in need of rest that will renew your spirt.

With Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in your 12th house, it’s imperative that you look more closely at your life and remove anything, person, situation, or negative belief system within yourself that is draining you and ultimately sabotaging your progress in life. You must be willing to pull the weeds and plant better seeds for yourself.


Your romantic relationship will be the center piece of your life this month because you’re in need of rekindling the passion, love, and intimacy between the two of you. With this in mind, make sure that you make your relationship more of a priority because it will be worth its weight in gold for you by helping you to feel more loved, valued, and cherished.

On September 06th, Saturn finally goes direct after being retrograde after the last 6 months. For you this indicates that the way forward to accomplish a coveted goal or dream will be made much clearer for you. It will be in your highest and best interest to craft a strategy that not only excites you, but is also quite practical in nature so that you will find it easy to be disciplined in your efforts.


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