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This month it’s important that you really go after your dreams with heart, mind, and soul. Life is offering you opportunities to advance yourself, but you have to be ready to grab the bull by the horns and take charge. If you’ve been procrastinating on a course of action, you need to hit the ground running and set things into motion. Doing so can yield some rock solid advancements for you.


Although this might be tricky to do, you have to balance out the energy that you give to your career versus the time that you allot for your personal growth and your spiritual path. Strive to manage your time efficiently at work so that you can eliminate the need to put in extra hours.

Doing so can bless you with more free time to spend upon anything that helps you to plug into the Cosmos and provide some much needed clarity, perspective, and rest.


You’re in need of more variety and adventure in your life this month. With this in mind, do your best to find ways to shake up your daily routine. Change things around a bit in your schedule. Do things differently. Doing so can keep things interesting and can help you to find a new gear that you didn’t realize you possessed. Travel is very favorable this month which will allow you to hit the reset button for yourself.


This month provides the opportunity for you to apply your focus towards making big gains in your career. Keep in mind that solitude is where the power is for you. This is because it will enable you to eliminate distractions so that you can devote yourself to the important steps that you’ll need to advance yourself. Doing so consistently will yield powerful results for your career goals.


Your relationships are in focus this month. With this in mind, it’s important that you make more time to connect with your significant other. Doing so can ultimately bring you closer and renew the inner flame within the relationship. Getting out and exploring the world around you is a great way to reconnect as is learning a subject of mutual interest together.


This month you have a powerful opportunity to totally slay your task list. Hence, if you’ve got a lot of things that need to be accomplished and they’ve been piling up, this is a great month to commit yourself to getting things done with no b.s. excuses. If you can get organized and get straight on what your priorities are, you’ll undoubtedly be quite effective at taking care of business. You just might get yourself ahead of the game by month’s end.


Love and romance reign supreme for you in February! This is fantastic month for scheduling things that you and your partner will both enjoy. Doing so can bring some much need excitement and spice into your love life.  Do your best to have a more playful approach to your life in general and give yourself permission to stop and smell the roses more.


Home is where the heart if for you this month. You’ll have a stronger desire to enjoy the comforts of both your home and family in February. This is a fabulous time to schedule quality time with them. In addition, you need to make more time for yourself so that you can sort through your thoughts and feelings. Doing so helps you to hit the reset button.


Your communication skills are top-notch this month. Therefore, if you need to market yourself in some way, you’re more likely to leave a strong impression. In addition, your need to socialize is quite strong, so make sure that connecting with your friends and family is a priority. You’ll be a fantastic multitasker in February, but be careful that you’re not overly ambitious or you’ll end up feeling quite frazzled by this month’s end.


There could be some rock solid financial opportunities for you this month if you’re paying attention. With this in mind, make sure that you don’t procrastinate when they present themselves or you may act too late. In addition, this month is good for making sure that you’re caught up with balancing the books as well as for looking for ways to supplement your income.


You need to start taking better care of yourself this month by putting your wants and needs first. Hence, give yourself permission to do the things that fill your cup in life. Do more of the things that help you to raise your vibration to higher levels of joy and fulfillment.

February is an excellent time for implementing a physical fitness plan that you’re willing to commit to long-term. Doing so will give your self-confidence a strong boost.


The Sun is traveling through your 12th house this month which just happens to be the home of Pisces. This means that the energies of this month should feel quite familiar and comfortable to you.  With this in mind, make sure that you make more time to attend to the needs of your spiritual path.

Meditation, prayer, and journaling out your thoughts and feelings will be an ideal way for you to find some much needed clarity, rest, and inner peace. Taking care of yourself in this way will make a world of difference for your mental health.


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