The challenges we experience in our lives can often leave us with a deep, lingering sense that something is wrong with us. No matter how much we accomplish, that lingering feeling leaves us feeling trapped and unsatisfied, yearning for an elusive truth .  We long to liberate our lives and transform ourselves, achieving  a deep sense of meaning,  happiness and inner peace.

Astrologer Eric Hughes helps navigate your personal transformation and find meaningful purpose for your life by providing practical strategies for self-acceptance and spiritual healing through in-depth Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart analysis.

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Eric Hughes has over 20 years of mastery in intuitive astrology, providing practical guidance to overcome your life’s greatest obstacles. 

Astrology is a map. You don’t have to use the map- you can ignore it, set it aside, and forge your own path. You will come across some rare and beautiful sights, but you will inevitably end up going down many dead end streets.

The evolution of your soul is reflected in the stars. This map is a guide to the evolution of your being, a way to show you the higher intention of your soul.

Understanding this map is my specialty.

I have over 20 years of mastery in intuitive astrology. I am dedicated to delivering astrological guidance that not only gives you more clarity, but also a true sense of empowerment and enthusiasm for a brighter future. 



“If you are looking for a professional, thorough and insightful astrologer then Eric is who you you are looking for. I’m sure there is none better!”
— Patricia Monroe
“Eric is absolutely amazing. Not only was he incredibly accurate, but he truly altered some of my perceptions significantly. The shifts I have experienced since his reading have been incredible!”
— Tony Krahling
I have found Eric to be a deeply good soul that brings the willingness and depth of his intuition and skills to the consideration of what he sees in my chart. His kindness and generosity is always towards me and not towards exhibiting his skills. That means that I can receive his information in such a way that it allows me to understand my life in a helpful way. Isn’t that the reason that one seeks out an astrologer?
— Lois DePiess



Are you feeling lost? Confused? Unsure of where your life is headed or why? 

Human affairs are directly correlated to the planetary cycles, which is all best represented as the ancient quote, “As above, so below. As within, so without."

Your life does not occur by happenstance. You were put here on earth for a purpose. With an Evolutionary Astrology Consultation from Eric Hughes, you can: 

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  • Find out more about yourself and your life direction.
  • Discover and develop your talents to overcome times of difficulty.
  • Find self acceptance.
  • Empower yourself to look for life lessons in challenging moments and reap rewards from facing your fears.
  • Understand the different energy factors that are at play each day, helping you better utilize your time.
  • Better your timing for life events such as weddings, buying a house, making a big purchase, etc. Afterall, astrology is a study of cycles.
  • Uncover the best geographical location where your energy harmoniously resonates.
  • Enable yourself to pursue your dreams with confidence and faith. What more could you ask for?